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DIY Bottles

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Drinking copious amounts of kombucha is sure to leave your gut feeling like a well oiled machine but that also means having a bunch of empty bottles laying around the house. You now have 2 options--recycle the bottles OR reuse them! We opted for the latter and encourage you to do the same. To spruce up the look of the bottles, we gave them a quick makeover. We tried out a few different techniques to get a variety of different looks.


Sea Glass Spray Paint

The first one is crazy simple. You only need one thing--Sea Glass spray. We used Krylon’s Sea Glass spray in Sea Foam but feel free to choose whichever brand and colour is available. 1. Take your clean, empty bottles and flip them upside down on a protective material so you don’t get paint on unwanted surfaces. 2. Spray. Make sure you’re in a well ventilated space while spraying, preferably outdoors. Once you’ve sprayed it to your desired look, 3. let it dry in a cool place.

Spray Painted Yarn Wrapped Jars

This next one is similar to the sea glass spray with just a small addition. Before spraying the bottle, 1. take some yarn and wrap it around the bottle however is desired and then make sure the yarn is kept in place. 2. Flip the bottle upside down and spray. Again, make sure you’re in a well ventilated space when spraying. 3. Leave it in a cool space to dry.

(Photo credit: Goods Home Design)

Oven Baked Decal

For this one all you need is an oil-based sharpie/permanent marker, and oven. 1. Take your permanent marker and design your bottle! Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. When you’ve got your desired pattern, 2. let the ink dry for an hour or more. 3. Place the bottles in an oven preheated to 350 for 30 minutes to dry. *Pro-tip/safety tip: put your bottles in the oven before you begin to preheat it and also leave it in the oven after while both the bottles and oven cool to prevent cracking.

Autumn Stained Glass

Be prepared, these autumn stained glasses are a bit of a process, but worth it! 1. Put about 1tbsp of mod podge in a mixing cup/bowl. *Pro-tip: Try to get a disposable materials for mixing to allow an easier, mess-free cleanup. 2. Add food colouring to your liking and mix with the mod podge. Keep adjusting the colour until you get something you’re happy with. 3. Pour the mixture into the bottle and slowly coat the entire inside of the bottle. 4. Prepare a baking sheet lined with newspaper or scrap paper and flip the fully coated bottle upside down onto the tray to let the excess run down. 5. Leave it on the tray for about an hour to allow the excess to drip down. 6. After an hour has passed, turn the bottles over and transfer onto a baking sheet. 7. Put the baking sheet with your bottle(s) in an oven preheated to 225 for 45 minutes. For full and complete instructions, click here.

Now that the bottles are done, you can use them as vases, fill them with spices, turn them into soap and lotion jars, and pretty much anything you can think of! Enjoy your creations!



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