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Aerial View of Leslieville

(Before we get started, be sure to read all the way to the end for a special announcement!)

          The journey we’ve been on to get to where we are now is seriously no joke. Moving from Parkdale to the east end, in Leslieville, has been quite the adventure but it’s always nice to sit and think about how things have changed over time. Just as VAMs has grown, the Leslieville neighbourhood has undergone years of changes to become what it is today. BlogTO recently released an article showcasing the transformation of Leslieville and we absolutely loved the buildings and streets they highlighted.

          A quick history lesson about Leslieville: the East-end neighbourhood was named after George Leslie, founder of Toronto’s most prominent nursery during the 1800s. Leslieville also used to be home to numerous factories, including the famous gum company, Wrigley. Leslieville’s rich history has brought a lot of attraction to this part of the city and aided in the shifting culture of the area and we love that we could be a part of it all.

Wrigley Building

          Our first move to Leslieville we were located at 235 Carlaw Ave, formerly the Wrigley Building, next to our then partner, Smash Juice Bar--a project that had good potential but got hit hard with a foreign takeover. We were soon fighting to get our company back, and fortunately, we did. Long story short, we needed to move, and quickly, in order to continue production. Thank goodness for our lovely friends who agreed to let us occupy space in their commercial kitchen located within the area. With their help, we were able to thrive, but we still needed more.

          Word on the street was that there was a shared vegan kitchen on Carlaw we could maybe use as a second site. Turned out that lots of other brands including Culcherd Cheese, Unbaked Cake, Sweet Hart Kitchen (who’s opening a cafe in Kensington, can’t wait!) and Turmeric Teas would also call this spot home. We spent the last summer months getting to know our new friends and learning how hot and sticky things could get in a small kitchen. Yet, we continued to grow, and once again a larger space was needed. And that’s when we started calling 388 Carlaw Ave. home. We’ve been here since the fall and have continued to grow and utilize the larger space since.

388 Carlaw Ave

          As we remain in our current space, our goal is to continue making healthy options available to our customers that please the palate and enhance the body. Inevitably, as we continue to grow, we will have to move into an even bigger facility and when that time comes we will welcome new adventures with open arms.

          We love that we could be part of Toronto’s rich manufacturing legacy over here in the east-side. Leslieville has definitely helped us grow as a brand and as professionals. And of course, all of this is worth it thanks to our amazing customers who have supported and continue to support our endeavors. Thank you. 

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  • Posted by Andrew Thom on


    We are currently1.5 months away from opening our first brick and mortar. I recently tried some of the product that you folks made and was super into it!

    We are located in Kitchener-Waterloo, and we’re hoping to open up a conversation about carrying your fare.

    Going forward we would be curious about delivery days and also wholesale pricing.

    Andrew Thom

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