Vams Culture



Do we offer wholesale accounts?

Yes, we offer wholesale accounts to other businesses. Email with your company info. 

What does “VAMs” mean?

Vanessa & Michael.

When was VAMs Culture established?

We began our healthy journey together in 2009, after Vanessa’s mother passed down a SCOBY. When we moved to Toronto in 2010, and we started Vams Kombucha which would evolve into Vams Culture to represent a larger variety of cultured beverages. 

Why did you start VAMs culture?

Shortly after we got married, Vanessa and I wanted to start a craft business that would provide a delicious, natural solution to remedy to pain, discomfort, and aging.

What is kombucha?

A fermented probiotic sparkling green & black tea beverage made with live bacteria ie. SCOBY. (Contains caffeine)

What is kefir water?

A fermented probiotic, non-dairy sparkling beverage that is made with live bacteria ie. kefir grains. (Caffeine free)

Does kefir water have dairy in it?

No, kefir water is a rich probiotic beverage that is dairy-free.

What is a SCOBY?

A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It’s used to make fermented beverages that contain probiotics, healthy enzymes, yeast and beneficial bacteria to promote health.

How long does it take to ferment kombucha and kefir?

Traditionally, kombucha is given 10-30 days of initial fermentation, while kefir water has an initial fermentation period of 48 hours. The brewing process requires carefully monitored temperature and air quality controls to ensure a superior taste post-fermentation.

What are the health benefits of kombucha and kefir water?

Our probiotic potions are essential for gut health, digestion and overall immunity. Powerful healthy bacteria improves digestion, skin and mental performance while delivering bio-available herbs to your system. Both kombucha and kefir water help the body detox, boost immunity and improve overall health.

What flavours of kombucha do you sell?

Beach, Chai Orange, Cherry, Ginger, Hibiscus + Goji Berry, E3live + Chaga, Tropical Goth & Original Kombucha.

What flavours of kefir water do you sell?

Lime + Turmeric, Rosemary + Pear, & Spirulina + Lime.

What sizes do you sell?

250 mL, 1 Litre, 1 Gallon, 19L/30L Kegs

Will kombucha or kefir water cure arthritis, cancer, HIV or gout?

No, kombucha and kefir will not cure these diseases. Our fermented beverages are brewed to naturally remedy pain caused from these diseases such as joint pain, slow metabolism, low energy and headaches.

Can I use kombucha or kefir to make an alcoholic beverage?

Yes you can. We recommend adding tequila to our Lime + Turmeric kefir water. It's delicious and will prevent a mean hangover the morning after.

Is it true that kombucha and kefir cure hangovers?

Truth! With its naturally detoxing properties, kombucha and kefir are a well-known hangover cure.

What food can I pair your products with?

Our beverages are effervescent and have a diversely rich flavour, we recommend pairing it with any meal or drink it on its own as an energy boost. 

What makes VAMs Culture different from other kombucha and kefir brewers?

We utilize a unique fermentation process to develop distinct flavours that are signature to the kefir water and kombucha taste. To proliferate probiotics, kefir water and kombucha beverages are given a lengthy aerobic fermentation. The natural effervescence in all of our beverages follows a secondary anaerobic fermentation. This allows us to experiment with unique superfood flavours and brew flavour combinations unlike any other brand.

Do you deliver outside Toronto?

We deliver across our sparkling beverages across Canada with Canada Post. Order online and get it delivered!

Is there a minimum shipping cost?

Minimum shipping order of $30 (6 bottles of 250mL / increments of 6) is required.

What is your estimated shipping delivery time?

Depends on your location.